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Russia is doomed to suppress non-Russian peoples and become an empire again and again.

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How developed is the liberation movement of indigenous peoples in the Russian Federation? What should be the help of the civilized world to these movements?

As someone who actively participates in the liberation movement and observes the development of it from the inside, I can answer these questions.

When we talk about our peoples we prefer to use the term "captive nations" or "nations held captive by the Russian Federation". It is important for us to send a message to other countries, to the democratic countries in Europe, Asia, to the USA and Canada, that we are not Russians. Every captive nation has a history of fighting for independence in the 20th century.

Freedom to Captive Nations banner

The war in Ukraine does open an opportunity for our nations to secede from Russia, create our own independent democratic states and become a place where our peoples can live peacefully and flourish. Such opportunities have happened before in history. When Russian Empire collapsed, we did mistake when we believed communists and fell into slavery for many decades. You know, Ukraine was also among these deceived and captive nations. When the Soviet Union collapsed, our freedom again was taken away. With genocidal war against freedom-loving Chechen people, Russia demonstrated to other peoples what they could expect if they pursued freedom. This time, we don't want to make a mistake and miss the chance. For this, our nations established the Free Nations League - an organization whose main goal is creating independent national states in place of the Russian Federation and preventing the revival of the Russian fascist state.

We believe helping us, the captive nations, the entire world would benefit.

Non-Russian peoples want to be seen and heard. Please start talking to nations held captive by the Russian Federation. They'll appreciate you addressing them directly, accept your support and start acting. With your moral help captive nations can dismantle Russia from the inside and step on the path of historical transformation as it's been done by other nations after the Berlin Wall was torn down. New countries will make the world richer. People will discover new places with unique nature, cuisine and culture.

When the civilized world has discussions with so-called "good Russians", it needs to understand that these Moscow politicians, liberals with imperialist mindset, are funded by Russian oligarchs. They can replace Putin, but they can't change Russia, because their interest is only to save their wealth and keep plundering colonies. Russia is doomed to suppress non-Russian peoples and become an empire again and again.

Let's break this vicious circle!